What does 𝜪xp stand for?

𝜪xp means zero extreme poverty.

𝜪xp is our vision for the world. Ending extreme poverty is what we aim to achieve with Glo.

Everyone on this page is going to buy Glo at launch 👇

𝜪xp stands for zero extreme poverty.

The Glo community uses 𝜪xp as a symbol against extreme poverty.

If you want to reduce extreme poverty, there are several ways:

You can also help in a small way by adding 𝜪xp to your social media bios, posts, or name:

Alexander Drummond
Director of Partnerships
Deborah Lightfoot
Head of Finance & Reserves
Garm Lucassen
Co-founder & CTO
Jeffrey Milewski
Co-founder & CEO
Lori Golden
VP of Talent
Harikrishnan Shaji
Software Engineer
Sascha Wu
Software Engineer
Jasper Driessens
Co-founder & Head of marketing
Bram Voets
Seth Ariel Green
Eric Tsang
Software Engineer
Rad Iglantowicz
Software Engineer
Sid Sijbrandij
Non-Executive Founder

Worldwide   •   Full remote

Worldwide   •   Full remote

Worldwide   •   Full remote