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Share your decision on Twitter, LinkedIn or anywhere you like:

Share your decision on Twitter, LinkedIn or anywhere you like:

I've decided to put [$500/$1000/some] of my savings in Glo to help lift a person out of extreme poverty.

This is not a donation. I'm just holding my money in Glo, a stablecoin. I can reverse that and get my dollars back whenever I want.

As long as I keep it in the form of Glo, I'm generating basic income for someone in need.

If enough people do this, we can end extreme poverty.

Consider joining me: @glodollar

Everyone on this page is going to buy Glo at launch 👇

Wait—what's Glo?

Glo is a stablecoin: a cryptocurrency always worth $1.

When you buy Glo, we passively produce a basic income for someone in extreme poverty on your behalf. We do this by investing your money in government bonds, and donating all profits as basic income. If that sounds like magic, here's how it works.

Glo is perfect for savings because you can always redeem Glo to get your regular dollars back. If you keep your cash savings in Glo, you're contributing to a charitable cause without giving any money away.

Why should I care? How would my support help?

Glo is a groundbreaking new way to reduce extreme poverty. Together, we have a shot at ending extreme poverty entirely.

The only barrier to how many people we can help is how many people adopt Glo.

That’s it.

So our ambition is set—widespread adoption of Glo.

For widespread adoption, we need first movers to kickstart the Glo movement.

Please consider joining the club of first movers.

Your announcement to buy Glo will result in more people learning about Glo from a person they know and trust.

This can start a chain reaction that lifts millions out of extreme poverty.

So when can I actually buy Glo?

We're working hard to make Glo available for purchase later this year. Drop your email address if you want to be notified.

While you're at it, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Questions, comments, ideas?

Please do reach out! DM us on any social medium or use

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Head of Finance & Reserves
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Worldwide   •   Full remote

Worldwide   •   Full remote

Worldwide   •   Full remote