Come work on crypto for good.

We're well-funded, non-profit, and think and operate like a startup.

Everyone on this page is going to buy Glo at launch 👇

Join us for a rare opportunity to use blockchain for something truly useful for society.

Our ambitions are bold:

  1. End extreme poverty
  2. Compete to be the #1 stablecoin
  3. Become the #1 cryptocurrency for payments

We're aiming for mainstream adoption—the goal is for Glo to be used by billions of humans and millions of businesses.

We work fully remotely and hire globally.

Currently our team members are based in the US, India and Europe. You can work from anywhere, and get a budget to set up a nice home office or rent a desk at a local co-working space. Every once in a while we'll organize get-togethers to meet in real life.

As one of our early employees, your work will have a high impact on Glo. If this is the kind of work you get excited about, consider joining the team.

See all open roles here.

Alexander Drummond
Director of Partnerships
Deborah Lightfoot
Head of Finance & Reserves
Garm Lucassen
Co-founder & CTO
Jeffrey Milewski
Co-founder & CEO
Lori Golden
VP of Talent
Harikrishnan Shaji
Software Engineer
Sascha Wu
Software Engineer
Jasper Driessens
Co-founder & Head of marketing
Seth Ariel Green
Eric Tsang
Software Engineer
Rad Iglantowicz
Software Engineer
Sid Sijbrandij
Non-Executive Founder

Worldwide   •   Full remote

Worldwide   •   Full remote

Worldwide   •   Full remote