Glo is the anti-poverty version of the dollar.

Glo is a fully backed stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.

We're non-profit. Like other stablecoin companies, we earn interest from our reserves. The difference: we give all of it away to reduce extreme poverty.

You can generate basic income for people in extreme poverty simply by owning Glo. More Glo adoption means more basic income for more people.

❯ How it works

Our goal is to end all extreme poverty. We estimate Glo would need to replace 7% of all money to achieve that.

❯ The numbers

We're building a movement large enough to reach that goal. Please join! You can help in big and small ways.

❯ How you can help

For individuals, Glo lets you reduce extreme poverty at no cost to yourself—just put some savings in Glo.

❯ Glo for savings

For stablecoin users, using Glo means business as usual except now you're also lifting people out of poverty.

❯ Glo as a stablecoin

We'll work to make Glo a widely accepted means of exchange. Glo is a no-brainer once you can use it to pay your groceries, bills and employees.

❯ Vision and growth strategy

Glo will launch later this year.  

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Developed by the Glo Foundation, a non-profit

We've raised a $2 million seed donation from the Sijbrandij Foundation.

Our operational costs and employee salaries run on philanthropic donations. We're a nonprofit that thinks and operates like a startup.

Our team is fully remote, and we're hiring globally.

If you're excited about using blockchain technology for societal good, consider joining. We're hiring for many roles.

We aim to launch January 2023

We are currently focused on expanding the team. If you're excited about our mission and work, consider joining! We’re rapidly hiring in all areas. We work fully remotely, and hire globally.

See all open roles here.