Availability and launch

When will I be able to buy Glo?

Glo isn't available yet. We're aiming to launch in January 2023. We'll first make Glo available to businesses. We'll partner with crypto exchanges who resell Glo to individuals.

Everyone on this page is going to buy Glo at launch 👇


  • By buying Glo, you can help end extreme poverty.
  • We're working to launch Glo in January 2023.
  • Businesses will be able to buy Glo directly on our platform after launch.
  • Glo will be available to individuals on exchanges.
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Glo isn't available yet. We're aiming to launch January 2023.

We'll start by making Glo available to businesses in large quantities only. We'll partner with crypto exchanges who resell Glo to individuals. This means it will take a while before individuals everywhere around the world will be able to buy Glo.

Individuals will buy Glo at crypto exchanges. Global Income Coin, the organisation, will sell Glo in wholesale to businesses only.

This is because a direct sale is surprisingly expensive—the costs of selling Glo in small quantities would defeat the purpose. (E.g. if buying $1000 of Glo would cost $25, then assuming a 2.5% annual yield, it would take a year before the yield on that $1000 of Glo to repay the purchasing costs.) The costs come from KYC and payment processing. We currently outsource these to third parties at a fairly high price. Crypto exchanges already have these systems in place, and can do them cost-efficiently and/or offset the costs by making money in other ways.

What's on our to-do list before launch?

In order to launch and start selling Glo, we're working on two things:

  • Develop the minting and redemption service (see demo)
  • Legally set up the organization

The minting and redemption service is a website where customers can create an account, go through KYC, make payments to buy Glo (i.e. minting), send back Glo and receive dollars back (i.e. redeeming), and send their purchased Glo to their Polygon or Ethereum wallets.

Global Income Coin will be a public benefit nonprofit corporation in the US, and we're currently working with a law firm to do this.

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You can already contribute in the fight against global poverty. Join the movement.

Glo is community-driven. You can help us succeed in big and small ways. We'd love for you to contribute.

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Worldwide   •   Full remote

Worldwide   •   Full remote

Worldwide   •   Full remote